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The Information Revolution

Gropoint provides business owners and managers with relevant, reliable decision making solutions, through the use of proven business intelligence and budgeting & forecasting tools.


We are at the beginning of a revolution that will touch every business and every life on this planet. As data and access to information grows exponentially, the ability to filter, connect and visualise what is important, in real time, will be what gives us the competitive advantage in all facets of business and social interaction.

Many people are still treating the concept of big data as something they can choose to ignore — don’t get left behind!

’’the price of light is less than the cost of darkness’’
Arthur C. Nielsen, Founder of ACNielsen


create value by giving your information context and meaning


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Complex information made simple with powerful dashboards and visualisations


Get insights in under 5 minutes. Connect to multiple information sources with data connectors, to extract, enhance and explain your information into dynamic dashboards and visualisations.


Gropoint is an affiliated partner of ClicData in Australia and New Zealand.


ClicData connects, warehouses and visualises all your disparate information using their custom connectors and data mart functionality. Receive real time alerts and have dashboards pushed every morning to your email.

make better decisions to deliver great outcomes


Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Planning offers a leading cloud-based budgeting, forecasting and planning software for sales projection, cash flow projection and balance sheet forecasting. The planning and forecasting engine enables powerful financial modeling with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. It is intuitive for finance professionals with its Excel like interface and modeling capabilities, however it has all the controls of an enterprise collaborative application.

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Budgeting, forecasting, and reporting in the cloud


Move your budgeting process into the cloud and create complex driver based models, that are updated and deployed to your organisation immediately.


Gropoint has been providing Adaptive Insight consulting services for over 10 years.

achieve the strategic and operational goals of your business


What our Customers say

  • We contracted Gropoint to lead our Adaptive Insights implementation and felt in good hands from day one. Our implementation was to be carried out on a tight timeframe and Gropoint laid out a clear framework of all the tasks required to meet our deadline. I have been delighted with the service received from Gropoint and would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional, experienced, knowledgeable and smart Adaptive Insights Implementation team.






Review the data quality and set up of your information systems, and then work with you to determine what information is relevant to make decisions for your business.


How do we best visualise and convey the insights that the information will bring to your business. Visualisations are displayed as widgets which includes graphs, charts, heat maps, funnels, counters and data tables.



This is where the magic happens! information is connected, transformed and joined to create entirely new datasets which would not be possible in the stand alone systems. The build is a collabarative approach that requires ongoing input and feedback loops. 


Now you have access to great information in one application, you still need to analyse the results to draw conclusions and make decisions for your business. Slvd creates value and uses its experience with information enablement to provide these insights in an easy to understand way.

We’ll help you get there!

From best practice advice, assisted implementations or complete turnkey solutions, Gropoint draws on the experience of their skilled individuals with a customer focused, outcomes based approach.


We understand that any new systems require an investment of time and resources to learn and utilise. Usually team members need to get early successes to demonstrate the benefits of the investment.

We provide a streamlined solution to get your implementation online and accessible with meaningful information in a short period of time. Our ethos of knowledge transfer is core to any enagagement and we encourage our customers to become empowered to administer and utilise the tools we provide, to maximise their value and success.


The Gropoint Team

Malcolm Noriskin CA
Founder & Director


’’Technology has always fascinated me, and from my early days at Arthur Andersen I saw the potential that great software, systems and processes could bring to an organisation.
My combined IT and Finance skills have allowed me to add value, by designing and implementing solutions to achieve cost efficiency and great outcomes.’’
Malcolm completed his professional qualification with Arthur Andersen in South Africa, and after owning and operating a finance solutions business for 8 years, he moved to Australia in 2009. When he arrived he founded Gropoint as a specialist consulting practice to assist SME’s to improve, measure and predict their performance to achieve their vision. He partnered with Adaptive Insights and has been providing sales and implementation services, and general corporate performance management solutions to his customers.
His experience and IT skills makes him ideally placed to implement technology solutions, to provide great information to decision makers.

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